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Lacking Purpose?

Would you like peace of mind, or more passion, purpose, or prosperity?
Discover how to align with, and unleash your UNIQUE "Soul Codes"
Reconnect with limitless abundance, fun, excitement, energy & vibrant health.
Discover The Vision & Creativity Your Soul Is Yearning For!

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Stress is the cause of over 90% of illness (statistics say, but I say the cause of 99.99%).

Stress is a lack of alignment, and joy with the present moment.

It's a pandemic at the moment....

Without purpose, without a vision 'the people perish'.
Reconnect with your soul path, the REASON you are here.
It IS to have joy, love, abundance, unlimited fun.

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

It's your duty to step up, and claim the fantastic life that your heart, and soul WANT you to have.

In case you think ‘It's too late to live my purpose.’ Or ‘I've spent years investing in my career, why give it up to do something else?' Or 'Living a fantastic life is for the 'others'.

I thought those things too, until I discovered the "Soul Codes", and shared them with thousands of women worldwide.

Women just like you, women who have realised that it's not about age, or education, or experience, or confidence, or how they look...

It's about CHOOSING to peak into their soul... To allow their dreams to be voiced... and then to take those intuitive baby steps, to allow them to manifest beautifully, often effortlessly, but always bigger than they even imagined (and boy did they dream BIG).

This ALWAYS happens, even the big scary dreams, when they manifest, they're ALWAYS more amazing than we could have dreamt about.

This is not 'wishy washy', or 'positive thinking'.

This is about using ancient alchemical, and shamanic tools, which are proven techniques, thousands of years old, in a systematic (systemagic) way, to create the new world, starting with each one of our unique dreams.

YOU are an important puzzle piece, and we ALL need to step up, and push OUT of our (dis)comfort zone, to create MAGIC.

Cos, as you know, the magic ONLY happens OUTSIDE of the comfort zone.

The rest of your life CAN be the best of your life!
There is SO much more to look forward to, from your 30s, well into your 40s, 50s and beyond!

Maybe you're wondering how is it that I can help you?

I inspire women to create their best life, no matter what age.

They realise that they are awesome, powerful, gentle Goddesses, Queens, Warriors of the heart, and Wayshowers.

You CAN access your innate wisdom and power, and live your MAGNIFICENCE - every day.

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You will discover ancient alchemical, Shamanic tools, which, when combined with cutting edge principles of neuroscience - allow you to transform ‘tough’ times into your most wonderful days. No more regrets, or memories of a life that might not have been great... instead, you can make the choice that today is the first day of the rest of your incredible life, using the past to propel you TOWARDS your vision. While discovering the dream, vision, soul path which then draws you FORWARDS towards manifestation.

We NEED to be able to access our innate wisdom and power - especially in these uncertain times.

All you have to do is fill out your name and email address and you will receive a free download with a bonus training and discover how to:

* Create your 'Ideal Perfect Day', EVERY day (a fun 2 page download)

* Unleash the one thing which can guide your path effortlessly, connecting you with an unlimited source of wisdom, abundance, fun, love and prosperity.

* Decipher the different kinds of ‘tension’ and learn how to use one as a powerful force for creation, while banishing destructive tension (which can lead to illness, self sabotage, and NO dreams manifested).

* Use all 7 laws (the Law of Attraction being just one) to create the dream that scares you (in a very good way). Knowledge of only one law, could have left you stressed, and not manifesting what you love in the past. Discover what to do to tie the knot and make everything you've learned in the past, both irrelevant, and clear as you tie all the knots and become a master at manifesting!

* Become like the friends you see, who float through life, manifesting fantastic relationships, peace of mind, fun, wealth, amazing health and energy. Rather than wondering how – tune in to this BONUS free training, and all will be revealed, so that you too, can unleash your soul's potential and live an amazing life.

A bit about me

I worked as a TV Producer in London for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. Rocking around town in my Prada shoes, hanging out with celebrities, guest lists, film premiere, living the dream, but in reality, my life was a living nightmare, with the highly stressed work demands, and social life. Nearing a nervous breakdown I broke away, as I realised I was NOT making any kind of a positive difference in the world (while fooling myself that I was). I envied the practitioners and complimentary therapists, who saved my life, week after week, so I eventually trained as a Shiatsu Practitioner in early 2000s.

I transitioned into coaching and training after 10 years, and I've literally been developing my skills, and wisdom for two decades.

While living in Hawai’i, I swam with wild dolphins, while studying Hawaiian Shamanism. Communicating effortlessly with the dolphins and the Gods and Goddesses on the islands, especially Pele, the Goddess of Passion, Purpose and Prosperity who resides in the volcano on Hawai'i island.

My purpose, and passion is to share THEIR message with you, and to guide you to connect with your MAGNIFICENCE and the messages of your soul.

I also journeyed to the highlands of Guatemala, where I discovered the magic of chocolate as a sacred medicine! The Ancient Mayans and Aztecs used it for ceremonial and spiritual purposes, and I continue their work in Ceremonies and retreats. Cacao contains a range of psychotropic properties which facilitates deeper learning, insights, growth and heart connection.

It's time for YOU to create a life of joy, abundance and fun!

“Gerri is..truly excellent and exceptional.
..a solid foundation - immeasurable skill

...being in her presence, you feel at one with the depths of your soul.
I highly recommend her.”

Stephen Russell, The Barefoot Doctor, Author

“The people that go to make up any profession, including and perhaps especially the self-development profession, roughly fall into three categories: not so good, average and a tiny minority, who are truly excellent and exceptional. Gerri is one of these. On a base of natural aptitude, she has dedicatedly built a solid foundation and immeasurable skill through intensive training and clinical practice over many years and is, in my humble opinion, world-class. Simply being in her presence, you all at once feel at one with the depths of your soul, whence springs the empowerment we all desire. I highly recommend her.”

Stephen Russell, The Barefoot Doctor, Author

This year can be your best year so far…

If you are ready to step up and create the life, the business, the career that blows your mind and makes you smile in the morning – you are in the right place.

If you want to feel more abundant, and actually fulfil the purpose you’re here on this planet to fulfil – you are definitely in the right place!

Coaching is THE most powerful force for change on the planet.


“Working with Gerri has literally changed my life. Never before have I felt so empowered, creative - and free. There literally is no limit to what I believe I can achieve - and I owe this beautiful state of being to Gerri's magical work. She is truly gifted in what she does, and I feel it has been one of the greatest blessings of my life to have been introduced to her. She has flung the doors of my mind wide open - to reveal a land of beauty, abundance and magic.”  Liz C

"Gerri has introduced me to a wonderful world where you can create the life you love. I was sceptical at first about my 'Heaven on Earth' and stepping into your greatness process because I didn't think I would see or receive any symbols/visions.

Every time I have been amazed by the results and I now have greater clarity of what I would love and how I can choose to live my life! She has great strength and sensitivity sensing when my analytical mind is thinking too much. However her warm and loving personality makes you feel completely comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend her services." 

Emily WS, London

"I worked with Gerri when I felt that I needed a significant boost to get me to a new level of success and happiness in my life. Having made many efforts on my own and with coaches, I felt that I needed the assistance of someone who could remove deep blocks to my progress. Gerri is someone I trust totally to work at the most influential levels of my personality. The results have been remarkable. In the first few months after meeting Gerri my earnings tripled and my energy levels became higher than at any time in the last 15 years. Also there was a huge improvement in the harmony between me and everyone else in my life, colleagues, family and friends. I am already experiencing similar benefits in the brief period since we last met. I know that Gerri has trained hard to reach this point but she must surely be remarkably gifted to have this effect." 

P Fahy, Headhunter

"There are many superlative adjectives I could use to describe Gerri's work and equally a plethora of nouns to describe the person herself including wise woman, consciousness pioneer and sorceress... in just a few sessions my work with Gerri quantumly elevated my life in a myriad of ways, so 'miracle worker is the title that best does her magic justice."

Amor L


If you ever wonder ‘Is this all there is?’
Or ‘It’s too late to find and live my purpose.’.. or
‘I can’t have (fill out your dream)’

But especially if you don’t allow yourself to dream…


The rest of your life CAN be the best of your life!
There is SO much more to look forward to, well into your 40s & 50s!

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