The 13 Spiritual Benefits of Chocolate – Cacao Ceremony Time!

The 13 Spiritual Benefits of Chocolate – Cacao Ceremony Time! (haga clic aquí para español).

Do you know that chocolate is actually a medicine?

The Ancient Mayans and Aztecs used Chocolate for Spiritual and Ceremonial purposes.

Chocolate, in its purest form (unlike the chocolate available in the shops) is a powerful assistant for ‘inner work’, creative guidance and SO much more.

Chocolate is one of the most powerful, gentle facilitators, teachers and guides on the planet!

Cacao is ‘The Food for the Shift’, and my clients, workshop and retreat attendees, thank The Spirit of Cacao for allowing us to grow, heal, and become powerful creators, as well as BEING and emanating LOVE!

I use the words cacao, and chocolate interchangeably, both times I’m referring to the magical substance in its purest, Ceremonial Grade form (click here to order some, or join a ceremony).

Maybe you are wondering ‘Can this delicious superfood help me?!’

The 13 Spiritual Benefits of Chocolate…


Chocolate opens the heart and allows for a deeper, authentic love-based connection with yourself, others, and the world.


It promotes powerful journeying, and connection with your spiritual wisdom, power animals, and guides.


Helps to bring awareness to anything that might be preventing you from creating the life you love, including beliefs and blocks that are subconsciously playing out.

It aids in the recognition, and release of repetitive patterns

It can aid in transmuting learnings and knowledge from the left brain, to the entire body – KNOWING, and FEELING why you repeat patterns, or why you act (subconsciously) in certain ways.

This allows powerful change, rather than just KNOWING things, you CHANGE, in a powerful, easy, fun way.

This is related to the intention you set, because you ALWAYS have the power, you can allow…or not.


Stronger connection with the higher self (intuition, soul, God, Goddess etc.).

This leads to an enhanced connection with your own power and truth; your divinity.

Chocolate is a powerful facilitator allowing you to delve into your pain.

“You gotta feel it to heal it.”  

Once you FEEL your pain (sadness, anger, grief etc. etc.), you won’t keep manifesting situations to feel these feelings.

You will live a freer, happier life, without constantly being triggered.

When you release these emotions, it allows more light, love and magic into your life.

You are only being triggered so you feel those negative emotions, so when they no longer have the power, you are free. This has been one of my most powerful shifts; transmuting anger and jealousy… I still feel other negative emotions, but I’m super glad to say that I no longer go ‘unconscious’ or get triggered by situations that can trigger those emotions. For me, that is true freedom and …

‘Heaven on Earth’.

I have created a powerful system “Mana Method”(TM) which I guide attendees through.

This allows you to drop heavy emotions that might have held you back in the past.

If you sometimes feel ‘triggered’ or go unconscious, then this would be a wonderful system to experience.


Powerful, otherworldly, deep meditation, which enables you to connect with your spiritual nature, thereby accessing your innate wisdom.

Meditation is much easier and more beneficial; silencing the mind becomes easy – hence the space for healing, creation, and mystical experiences occur.

‘The healing occurs in the stillness.’

It calms the left brain chatter, and allows us to delve more into that ‘no mind’ space of bliss and oneness


Profound embodiment of new learnings. This allows you to feel in your body what you know in your head. The teachings you might already be aware of are ‘understood’, you suddenly ‘get’ them on a deeper level.

If you have been doing therapy, you GET – you understand why things have happened, and how that has affected you.

When cacao is imbibed, with intention, in a ceremonial setting, it allows you to get, and really feel, those learnings in a deep, profound way. This leads to positive changes, and dreams manifesting.

I was always aware of the teaching that we are all love; love is all there is. I GOT that, but I didn’t really understand it or feel it…I still searched for love OUTSIDE of me.Click To Tweet

Cacao is great to embody learnings. You might logically know something, maybe you want to believe it and live it, but you wonder HOW to embody it?

Chocolate aids the pathway to living, FEELING, GETTING the learnings, and wisdom, so that you live, and embody them.

Personally speaking, now I can BE love, and emanate love. Not 24/7, but it’s always a choice, and I can click into it in a couple of seconds (see Mana Method).

This is an easy, fun state to access which leads to bliss, and the state of being which IS FLOW, ONENESS – LOVE…..

Indigenous Costa Rican Shaman

Indigenous Costa Rican Shaman


Feelings of oneness, enlightenment and ecstasy.

This results in more love in your life, leading to more effective manifestation and a more powerful, familiar connection with your magnificence and spiritual capacities.

When you access this state; bliss, love, the vortex, the ‘zone’, flow, whatever you want to call it, you can manifest what you love.

You also enter into the state where what you love, comes to you!

Your lover, clients, abundance, vibrant health – you name it.


More enhanced, balanced, connected male & female energy. We all have male and female energy.

When these energies are in balance, you live a harmonious life magnetising all you love TO you.

This integration also leads to enhanced effectiveness as the divine creator and super manifesting machine that you are, in essence.

The balance of male and female energies allows you to receive inspiration (feminine energy) AND act on it (masculine energy).

Chocolate is the ONLY food which

Connects your left brain & your right brain!!!


Access to the ‘one mind’ or unity consciousness allowing the connection with creative ideas.

You enter a zone where you are receiving ‘aha’ moments, inspiration, ideas. With the enhanced male/female balance, these are made manifest….


More effective, deeper, profound, easier yoga and chi kung practice.

Your practice improves on every level; physical, mental, spiritual, emotional.

This is probably the case with other practices too (aikido, kick boxing etc.) but I have yet to try other – so let me know!


A deeper, stronger connection with ‘the light’, new, higher dimensions, raising your vibration.

There is a 2 second shift you can make to access this vibration forevermore.

This is also a space to connect with your guides, or whoever you seek guidance from, and create new connections too!

Under a Cacao tree with one of my Cacao suppliers in Costa Rica

Posing with a Chocolate Tree and friend in Costa Rica


More clarity and connection on your life purpose.

Clarity on your talents, skills and how you are here to serve – you easily connect with your creative abilities; writing, painting, dancing, music or whatever floats your boat really.

Flow is the one thing that those who are successful in business experience. Whether ‘spiritual’ or not. From this state creation, genius, and abundance…. FLOW!

  1. FUN – The Reason We Are Here!

Chocolate is a gentle, powerful feminine force. It is the force for the new world. In fact ‘power’ is a better word than ‘force’.

By surrendering to the essence and energy of Chocolate, you can step into the higher dimensions. It facilitates a deep Shamanic experience of ‘being in the world but not of it’ or ‘having a foot in both worlds’.

You become the Ascended Master on earth… bringing Heaven TO Earth. It shows you how you can shift your perception so life can be fun.

That is what we are here for, to have fun!

This was the learning I got when I lived in Hawaii and I swam with the wild dolphins almost every day. They kept telling me (telepathically), FUN FUN FUN. However, it took me about 5 years to master the teaching… in fact I’m still getting my head around it.

We’re here to have fun, if it’s not fun, don’t do it, or MAKE IT FUN!

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Is Chocolate A Drug?

I guess so. If you consider tobacco, coffee and alcohol are drugs, then yes.

Chocolate wasn’t popular as a psychoactive in the 60’s because it’s not a psychedelic (although many experience visions and powerful journeys in my ceremonies).

Cacao is gaining a lot of popularity now, because of all the shifts on the planet and happily people all over the world now recognise its power.

We have come to a tipping point on the planet. As chocolate connects you with your heart, it also connects you with something bigger…. God, the Universe, Spirit, your higher self… whatever you want to call it.

It’s the magical space you enter when you appreciate a phenomenal sunset… before the mind chips in and goes;

‘Oooheee – look, she’s having one of ‘those’ experiences!’Lol..

Anyway, I digress, I discovered this magic a few years ago on a trip round the world and it totally changed my life.

Most of the chocolate available in the marketplace is full of sugar and additives. The beans are often hybridised, or low quality, so it doesn’t have a powerful effect. The chocolate that I work with facilitates a deeper journey, and intense feelings of BLISS.


Messages From The Dolphins (the most intelligent of mammals).

The messages that the dolphins deliver, and the basis of Hawaiian Shamanism… It’s all about FUN, LOVE, BREATHING (consciously) and CONNECTION 🙂  I spent many months swimming with wild dolphins when I lived in Hawaii.

They telepathically communicated with me, and eventually we had a very sovereign relationship (once I stopped depending on them for healing lol). They continually reminded me:


The importance of these messages has been communicated to me recently in my own work and through witnessing what others gain in ceremonies and one to one sessions.

Cacao facilitates the clearing of deep psychological, emotional, and spiritual blocks. It allows one to get to the root of any emotion or even any physical ailment, to discover why they have it and in turn feeling the emotion related to it; subsequently healing the original dis-ease and releasing it.

Why 13?

The number thirteen is a powerful number; the number of the Goddess. During the patriarchy, we were led to believe that 13 is unlucky as it is the number attributed to the power – the gentle power of the feminine.

When the patriarchy came to the fore, it was ruled as ‘unlucky’ because they wanted us to fear the power of the Goddess and women in general. It represents the new world of love and peace, which is being created right now.

Back Story – How I discovered the magical, spiritual, medicinal qualities of chocolate!

I arrived in Guatemala at 11.11 on 11/11/12 feeling VERY curious, and a little afraid.

It was very synchronistic that I landed at those times, the flight was delayed and as I flew in, I was greeted not only by these (very significant) numbers but also by 4/5 bolts of lightning – at eye level!

This was a sure sign that this was probably not going to be an ordinary adventure!!

My visit was also timed with the important dates which would occur the month after (12/12/12 and 21/12/12), the dates famed as being the end of the Mayan calendar, time as we know it, and a 26,00 year cycle. This was much celebrated and talked about worldwide, with some even thinking the world would end on 21 December 2012!  What resonated for me, was that it would be the end of the world … as we know it, and the beginning of a new one. The world of LOVE…

After arriving in Guatemala and spending some time in Antigua, a really beautiful city, and World Heritage centre, intuition, and a very dear friend guided me to buy a ticket to Lake Atitlan. I did so, and travelled the very next day. I arrived in San Marcos, a haven of healing portals in the Highlands of Guatemala. I still felt the fear. I had no idea why I was there and as I acknowledged my fear, and total submersion into the unknown, it was soon transmuted after I asked my favourite question; ‘What would I love?’  I actually can’t remember my answer, but I have a few ideas. Anyway, soon after (minutes), I met a wonderful lady who told me about a shaman and his ceremonies. That was day one in San Marcos, day two I attended my first Cacao ceremony!

I had no idea about the magical properties of chocolate and that the Ancient Mayans and Aztecs used it for Spiritual and Ceremonial purposes. People from all over the world gathered in circle, to drink cacao, and drop from their head to their heart. They experienced healing, while having fun and journeying deep within, to the place where all the answers dwelled.

The Spirit of Cacao has said that Cacao will be ‘The Food for the Shift’. I spent months in Guatemalagoing to Ceremonies and learning about chocolate and surrendering to the ‘stuff” that I needed to let go of. It was totally life-transforming for me, and the path that I ‘thought’ I was going to take from then on, totally changed. I chose to add Sacred Chocolate to my “Shaman’s Toolbag” and hold ceremonies – well actually it was all totally intuitively guided. I invited a friend to come to my first one – and I loved it. From then on, people asked me to hold them, they got the people to come, they got the venues, all I needed to do was turn up! Now THAT is flow!

The Spirit of Cacao spoke to me – gently, yet powerfully and showed me this was my true path. In fact when I did a Shamanic Journey before I went to Guatemala, I had a vision of myself running what seemed to be Ayahuasca ceremonies – and I was a little surprised. As much as I respect Aya, and I have attended ceremonies it did not resonate as my path. Of course, it wasn’t long before I realised the similarities in a Cacao Ceremony and an Ayahuasca Ceremony. You sit in circle, drink an elixir and have a powerful, (fun with Chocolate), profound experience. The difference being that chocolate will show you the door, it will not push you through. Intention is the key …

I was honoured to have been invited by The Spirit of Cacao to share her magic – her gentle, yet powerful guiding ways all over the planet. Since then, I have continued to build a strong connection with The Spirit of Cacao as the powerful teacher, facilitator and guide that she is.

“Chocolate; The Food For The Shift!”

My experiences since then confirm that Chocolate truly IS the food for the shift.

I have seen so many transformations, people discovering their purpose, joy, love, life partners, confidence and walking the path their soul called them to take. In my ceremonies I use my Healing, Intuitive Coaching & Shamanic tools from a 20 year professional adventure into the unknown, raising the mists of my own beliefs and assumptions and becoming more of who I was born to be.

I have been creating more and more of the life I love. Through that, I’ve been guiding others so that they not only create a life THEY love, but also go on to teach others to do so too. Sharing the magical secrets of alchemy and the elixirs of life worldwide!

“We must be the change we wish to see.” 

Mahatma Gandhi

The use of Chocolate has taken my work and the results in others lives to another level. It creates a beautiful cauldron of love, allowing what needs to be released to transmute – thus allowing more room for extra doses of light, love and magic.

During Chocolate Ceremonies, people connect with deep feelings of bliss, love and joy – their FLOW!

They sometimes journey through a variety of trapped emotions – these may have caused illness, repetitive patterns, conflict, confusion, lack of abundance, love and basic lack of joy and fulfillment in their lives. They gain deep realisations about their purpose, the meaning of life and the direction their soul is calling them to take.

There’s often wondrous ‘aha’ moments on why certain things have been a perceived ‘problem’ and how, in fact, now they can see that it’s their greatest gift. With this knowledge, the journey forward is more empowered without the old ‘story’ but with a renewed awareness of the gifts they’ve been granted, even through the story! This fresh start empowers them to step into their power in a way they’ve never before experienced (often with them using Chocolate in their work).

The planet is changing, WE are changing and there’s a need for a great number of teachers to become guides for the rest of the planet. There are a lot of pain bodies to be soothed and transmuted, and I’m working with the next wave of teachers. As Eckhart Tolle said, dealing with the pain body is one of the most important, and much needed jobs of the current years.

Chocolate The Superfood

Apart from the fact that Chocolate is a magical medicine, it also has a lot of positive health benefits. It is a superfood, it’s delicious and it’s also an aphrodisiac!

Since my discovery about the magical uses for Chocolate I journeyed to Hawaii & Canada where I held Ceremony, but I also journeyed to Costa Rica and I met tribes who still use Chocolate for these purposes. They also use it for initiations for new born babies, teenagers and pregnant women.

The Spirit of Cacao was one of the most revered of the ancient Mayan Deities. They called Cacao ‘The water that runs through the heart’.

Cacao is psychotropic (it makes you feel wonderful), but not psychedelic (however many attendees experience profound visions).

The active part of cacao, ‘theobromine’ – literally translates as: ‘The Food of the Gods’ in ancient Greek and Latin.

Cacao contains the “bliss chemicals” (anandamides and phenylethylamine), which are the precursors to serotonin; the ‘happy’ hormone.

Cacao is an MOA inhibitor which increases the production of DMT (a profound substance in the brain, which helps alter your perception of the world).

Cacao is also a vasodilator (a drug that causes a widening/opening of blood vessels), so it increases flow to the brain and heart and skin which is what gives us that feeling of expansion, glow, oneness.

Theobroma or cacao actually translates as “The Food of the Gods”.

Thank you for reading this far, I look forward to meeting you in Ceremony!

Much love!


Gerri x

Please feel free to share this article. Share the love.

Remember – YOU must be the change you want to see in the world.

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